Explore the cities of Wallonia with these 3 tours!

Have you ever wondered how to showcase your city to attract foreigners? Or even how to present it in an out-of-the-box way to change local perception about the sights residents walk past every day? Thanks to the resources created by the DiOtherCity project, young tourism enthusiasts have been able to do just that, making different parts of Wallonia come to life with the use of digital tools. Check out their 3 city tour examples below!

  1. Dance the City! 
Image by anvel from Pixabay

This city tour is an invitation to discover the streets of Mons through music and dance. This alternative way of exploring a place calls for dance as a journey to connect with oneself, with enjoyment and a feeling of community. The aim is to treat Mons’ public spaces, streets, parks and venues as our dance floors instead of places that we use to transit from one point to another.

A Spotify music playlist, a pair of headphones, a fully charged phone, and some dance moves are all that participants need to experience the city in a very unique and silent way.

The participants of the tour dance to the rhythm of the Spotify playlist around notable spots of the city. The tourism enthusiast leading the activity will follow a city map, which can be accessed online and further developed by anyone who wants to add other places. This activity is not about creating a choreography, it does not require any previous experience related to music or dance. It is open to everyone and anyone.

  1. Frameries – the haunted town

Ghost stories are known to arouse excitement. We all love the uncanny things that give us a feeling of having insight into the supernatural world. With this tour, you can explore the post-industrial town of Frameries in a new way through the scavenger hunt app: Actionbound.

To participate in the game, you should go to the place indicated by the app. There you can get some information about the area. You will also complete a task (i.e., make a photo or solve a riddle). If you succeed, the app gives you directions on how to go to the next spot. As you progress, you will discover the various legends about Frameries.

The Bound is suitable for both adults and teenagers. We do not recommend children complete the tour alone, but they are welcome to join with adult supervision. This way the whole family can have a good time together. To join the fun, you just need a mobile phone, an internet connection, and the Actionbound app. If this sounds interesting, follow the link: https://actionbound.com/bound/frameries, or scan the QR code below. 

  1. Mons Hidden Details

“Mons Hidden Details” offers an alternative city tour by permitting visitors to discover the city from a new perspective. By means of a chatbot, they will challenge their explorer skills and spot unexpected hidden details while wandering in the city.

To begin with, Draco, the chatbot, will guide visitors by giving information, clues and ways. Thanks to it, visitors will have the feeling of having a real conversation with a local resident that reveals the city’s secrets. It’s an easy access format; to use it, people only need to open the Facebook page of the tour, and to start a conversation on Messenger.

Concerning the practical details, the tour will only be available in French. It will last approximately one hour, can be done independently or as a team, and will require a smartphone (or tablet) and an Internet connection. If you wish to give it a go, check out the “Mons Hidden Details” tour Facebook page.

If you’d like to create your own city tour… 

…or read more about these and other city tours throughout Europe, follow our free e-learning course below:

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