Are QR codes bound to become a tourist must-have?

image by Erik Mclean of Pexels

Text by Oliwia Mańka

The usage of technology in tourism is not anything new. Many innovations have been developed to ensure the best possible experience for the visitors. QR codes have also been used for quite some time now, but they gained particular popularity during the current COVID-19 pandemic. How to make them useful in the context of tourism? Let’s find out!

Make your tours more engaging

Did you know that QR codes were available in New York’s Central Park? They were introduced there in 2010 on Arbour Day (an initiative which promotes tree planting). The visitors could scan the codes using their smartphones to find out more about particular spots around the park or see historical pictures. This idea combined tourism with history or even art (as famous film scenes could also be viewed through the code), providing an unique experience for people strolling around the park. Not only were they able to admire the beauty of nature, but they could also learn something new and discover the history of the place. 

Introducing innovation 

A similar initiative was conducted in Wales by an organisation called ‘History Points’. They have discovered the potential of QR codes and up to this day, they placed them in more than 1,500 places across Wales! The codes provide historical information about certain places and landmarks, including audio files or videos. The organisation takes pride in connecting generations by combining the use of modern technology and the stories and memories of older people. Their dedication concerning the placement of QR codes across the whole country inspires people to discover and learn more about Welsh heritage and the fascinating history of this Celtic nation.

Create interesting routes

Searching for the codes can be a fun activity while taking a walk at the park or going on a city tour. If the codes are strategically placed throughout a certain area, you can create an itinerary for the tourist focusing on the must-see points. However, you can also create a trip that incorporates places that are not usual tourist spots, which could be considered ‘hidden gems’! It would make the trip even more exciting, but maybe it could also spark an interest in getting to know the area better. There are endless possibilities to create routes based on a certain theme or for a specific age range. 

Technology is your friend!

If combining tourism and technology proved to be successful in many places, why would you miss this opportunity? Nowadays, people use their smartphones and the Internet all the time. It is the best source of information and entertainment for many of them. Incorporating the usage of technology would be a fun way to inspire people to travel or explore their own areas, getting some exercise and learning about various aspects of certain places. 

In conclusion, there are many benefits that come with the usage of QR codes. It is an innovative method that can provide a lot of information in a short time period. Maybe it is time to get to know the possibilities they offer? 


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